Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

The Silhouette Soft lift has revolutionized what an aesthetic doctor can offer his patient. By using a long thread which stimulates collagen, this simple procedure is done under local anesthetic injected into the skin. The procedure usually takes around an hour. The doctor inserts the thread against the direction of the sagging. The thread has cones on it, so the skin can be pushed back over the thread.  This keeps the skin lifted. Thereafter, over time the collagen thread stimulates collagen to be produced. After 18 months the thread has disappeared, but you have your own collagen thread holding the lift.  Patients often ask how long it lasts.  It's difficult to say as it depends on the quality of collagen your body produces. It can last up to around 3 years if placed in the right area and collagen is good.

PDO Thread Lift

These shorter threads were developed in South Korea. They are far more cost effective than the Silhouette threads, but Silhouette remains the gold standard for lifting a whole area of the face. PDO threads can be used to lift small areas such as eyebrows; or for skin tightening for example under the chin. The thread also stimulates collagen but lasts about 9 months, thereafter your collagen remains increased in the skin for far longer.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin, also known as BOTOX™ or DYSPORT™; is simply a muscle relaxant. It is used in small quantities in specific muscles to relax and prevent lines from forming. It is totally reversible and usually lasts 4-6 months. One can also use Botox to erase fine lines, if the lines are formed from facial expression. Botox is not a toxin or poison. It is a purified protein manufactured in a laboratory. It does not contain an active bacteria and is harmless in the required quantities. We usually use Botox in the upper face such as frown, crows feet, forehead, or for bands along the neck, or a tight pointed chin. Botulinum Toxin can also be used very superficially to tighten pores.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler is hyaluronic acid protein(HA) in 90% of fillers. Around 10% of fillers are made from a different active ingredient and are collagen stimulating. Because hyaluronic acid is found naturally  in the skin, our body recognizes it as “self” and thus has enzymes to break it down. This is why dermal fillers are non-permanent. Dermal filler can be from a thin watery consistency which we would use in fine lines around the mouth, all the way to a very firm contouring filler, which we would use to straighten and tighten a jaw line, or contour a cheek bone. Firm fillers last up to 18 months. Dermal fillers can be used in just about any area of the face, hands and skin. We use fillers to flatten scars, plump and volumize aged hands. Dermal fillers can replace lost volume, or even be used to straighten and slenderize a nose. 


Hyaluronic acid filler can attract up to 1000x it's weight in water. By using a Skinbooster, which is a fine watery dermal filler, we can plump and hydrate the skin. The skinboosting can be done using a fine tube placed under the skin. The filler is then painlessly injected under the whole area of the face. The other way would be by using an injector. Here the filler is injected via multiple needles over the face. The benefit of an injector is that the quantity of filler used, is exactly controlled and one gets the benefit of collagen stimulation with the needles. Skin boosting is a subtle way of treating a whole face, neck or décolleté. It is a very popular treatment and relatively cost effective


Plexr is a specialized treatment.  It is used to replace a simple surgical eye lid lift and can be used for upper or lower eyelids. It can also be used to resurface skin on the chin, upper lip and cheeks. PLEXR uses plasma voltaic therapy. It sends a bolt of electricity between a small probe and the surface of the skin. This burns a very superficial dot onto the skin. This is done multiple times until the eyelid is covered in small black dots. As the doctor is working, one sees the skin lifting and contracting. There is swelling after the procedure and the dots last around 5-7 days. Liquid foundation is used to cover up during this period. One is left with tightened, lifted fresh healthy skin. Results can last beyond 5 years.


LPG or endermologie is a machine developed in France. Over the period of an hour one is “massaged” by the therapist using the machine. It has a rolling, sucking motion. It feels like a massage but is very stimulating and effective for removing excess fluid, toxin build up in the tissues. LPG stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Several sessions are required and a package of treatments is usually a good option. Cellulite disappears, legs and abdomen are firmed. Collagen is stimulated in the skin. This is not a weight loss treatment.

There are also medical applications of LPG. It is used extensively after mastectomy to increase lymph drainage from the arms. It helps to break down scar tissue after burns or surgery. It can be used prior to surgery to stimulate blood flow and prepare the skin for incision. A very safe reliable, pleasant body treatment.


LIPODISSOLVE is a natural solution made of lecithin or phosphatidyl choline. It is injected into areas of stubborn fat. The different areas include under chin, saddle bags, tummy, love handles, inner thigh and knees. The LIPODISSOLVE melts the fat by causing fat cells to explode. The fat is then drained via the liver. We often combine LIPODISSOLVE with radiofrequency and carboxytherapy. 

LIPODISSOLVE can also be combined with LPG endermologie (lipomassage, see below).

Schlerotherapy is the procedure by which superficial leg veins are removed. It may be used for spider veins all the way to large varicose veins. A solution called polidocanol, is injected into the vein. This pushes the blood from the vein. The vein wall becomes sticky, collapses and ultimately disappears. One does not need superficial veins, so any leg veins you can see, can be treated.  We do not inject deep veins. This is a completely painless procedure which takes between 30minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of veins to be injected.  The procedure is generally repeated three times, a month apart. After the procedure, the patients legs are bandaged or the patient uses compression stockings, to keep the vein walls flat.  Results are excellent.


As we age our hair begins to thin.  There are also many medical conditions such as thyroid disease, hormone imbalances and low blood iron which can cause hair loss.  Inflammatory skin conditions can also result in hair loss. The clinic offers a doctor’s consultation to determine the cause of hair loss and should it be due to aging, hair stimulation procedures can be done to promote hair growth. We offer both Serum, Human Growth Factor and Plasma treatments.

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